Events/Event Hosting

Join us for Inspirational Music and Messages, Comedy and Improv, Event and Home Entertainment,  Workshops, Celebrations and ridiculously more than you could ever imagine!

Home and Business Event Hosts and Professional and Comic Entertainment:  Contact us to liven up or “accessorize” any event or evening of entertainment at your home, business, conference or congregation!  We also work wonders at trade shows celebrating your product and services!

Jami BirthdayNeed a birthday fairy and a musical minstrel to celebrate your guests and the birthday honoree?  Let us know, we are happy to make a big fuss over you and your loved ones! That’s what we do– we celebrate people and the spirit of human evolution! We offer lots of surprises!


20150319_141940We enjoy playing and enticing others to join us.  For some magical reason, they actually do. We believe people desire to play, to create and to have fun.  Within the safety of laughter, people blossom into child like innocence unscathed by adult responsibilities.

Our passion is to create heart-warming scenarios where groups of people can melt into deeper connection with each other and everyone is honored and celebrated.


20150319_142509Jami’s musical minstrel style warms hearts and weaves conversation that celebrate evolution and encourages people to be free in creative improv and singing along in celebration of life.

Enjoy Jami’s quirky one of a kind musical celebrations of guests and her royal treatment of the  guest of honor. Be entertained and fascinated how Joel plays along with her and all the guests.  No two “performances” are ever alike!

Be inspired. Laugh.  Open your heart and celebrate!

20150319_124141No matter what your event is, we provide the perfect musical entertainment.  When the two of us are not enough, we bring a team of entertainers with us.  We support musicians that know how to play with the audience and instigate fun in many exciting ways.

Peter Eichler joins us in celebrating and facilitating songs of the heart that inspire authentic contemplation of our human experience and cause us to laugh at our humanity  as we strive to evolve our lives and be kinder to ourselves.

We celebrate our events with whatever can be unique and customized to bring smiles to your guests and to ensure success.  Let us know how we can help provide entertainment and event hosting.  We’ll bring creative friends to help.

20150319_115549It’s always fun to add percussion to any event.  Tina Reinchow presents professional percussion that enhances the flow of any event.   Embellishing her percussion style with comedy, improv and humor, her entertaining personality is a joyful delight to any audience.

Join us for fun and celebration. Contact us to see how we can liven up any event that you could imagine.  And, if you can’t imagine… don’t worry, we excel at imagination! Invite us to help you create a party or event.  Even if you have your own plans to be the event host, we can be bought even if we can’t be had.  We would delight in helping you plan an event and are available to consult and conspire.  We are a phone call away, ready to help.

Give us a call at (928) 202-2242 or (928) 203-9277 or drop us an email at to share your event vision with us, and we will be happy to consult on how we may be able to “accessorize” your event with professional hosting and entertainment. ***Catering and Chef services can also be included.

Witness our Ultra Personalities.  Be very afraid…

Joel, “AKA” Will E. Nelson…Sings “On The Road Again”